Web TV Monitor 2010 published

The Web TV Monitor 2010, a Goldmedia study on internet TV commissioned by BLM, the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (http://www.blm.de), provides a complex market overview of internet TV in Germany for the first time, with information on prevalence and use, forms of advertisement, scope, and performance indicators.

High growth in the number of broadband connections has significantly increased the use of internet TV. Currently, about two thirds (65 percent) of all internet users access video files at least occasionally, compared to just 28 percent in 2006.  Internet TV is a growing market, with the number of providers and variety in services strongly increasing. In addition to numerous online-only services, the world of internet TV is primarily made up of classic media outlets’ video and online portals, diverse video-sharing platforms, multi-channel portals and media centers, as well as non-commercial information services and corporate TV.

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